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2010-02-11 Expert: Kirby Rate: (5)  6 ratings

The "Atomic Bomb" vs. a bulldozing company?

Today I discovered a 9d player that I hadn't happened to come across on Tygem, yet, known as "핵폭탄", which translates directly as "atomic bomb".  Atomic bombs are certainly powerful, and so is 핵폭탄 9d's go!  
     Having played a 154 games as a 9d, 핵폭탄 9d has only lost 50 games.  His userid indicates that he's a professional player, and having won around two-thirds of his games as a 9d suggests nothing less.

This atomic bomb's honorable opponent was sxkr 9d.  While having played more games than 핵폭탄 9d (a whopping 1178 games), sxkr 9d's winning rate is comparable at around 64%.  Incidentally, sxkr 9d has an avatar showcasing the star of "Pirates of the Caribbean".
     I took the liberty of doing a little research on sxkr 9d, and came across the following article:

The following section was particularly interesting:
며칠 전에 한국의 강자들을 연거푸 꺾으면서 수백명의 타이젬 회원들이 우러러 보는 중국의 강자가 있으니 그의 아이디는 바로 sxkr. 
sxkr이란 무슨 뜻일까? 필자의 추측으로 볼 때 중국의 Shenyang Sanxin KARI Machinery Equipment에서 따오지 않았나 싶다. sxkr은 중국의 선양시에 위치한 불도저나 포크레인을 생산하는 회사인데, 불도저나 포크레인처럼 자신을 가로막는 상대의 대마는 깨끗하게 정리하겠다는 결연한 의지가 담겨있는 것이 아닌가 싶다. 
타이젬에 들어오는 중국 고수들은 셀 수 없을 만큼 많지만 그 중에서 손가락 안에 드는 고수를 꼽으라면 sxkr을 추천하고 싶다. 그는 9단 전적이 현재 581전 377승 204패로 승률 64퍼센트를 기록하고 있는데, 기보를 보면 강 9단과 대국한 것이 대부분이다.

In a nutshell, it seems that sxkr 9d has become quite the hit on Tygem, after having defeated a number of strong Korean players on Tygem - the article makes the distinction that sxkr 9d is from China.  The author then goes on to analyze sxkr 9d's userid.  
     The author's opinion is that sxkr comes from a Chinese company known as, "Shenyang Sanxin KARI Machinery Equipment".  This is, apparently a bulldozer and forklift company.  The author claims that sxkr 9d's go clears out the opponents, just as one might do with a bulldozer or forklift.
     The author further goes on to note that sxkr 9d's winning rate is at around 64%, but also that the percentage may be misleading.  This is because, if you take a closer look at sxkr 9d's game records, you can see that he often plays the stronger of the 9d players.
     Without further ado, let's take a look at this fabulous battle!  Which will it be?  Will somebody be "cleared out" or "blown up"?

Game Stats
sxkr 9d ("The Bulldozing Company")
Last 20 games: 12-8
Win rate as 9d: 704-412
Overall win rate: 746-418
Ranking points: 37900

핵폭탄 9d ("The Atomic Bomb")
Last 20 games: 14-6
Win rate as 9d: 105-50
Overall win rate: 106-50
Ranking points: 36285


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