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Servers | Tygem | Mysterious 9d player brings the game to a 1.5 win. Is he from Cheongpyeong?

2009-05-11 Expert: Kirby Rate: (5)  6 ratings

Mysterious 9d player brings the game to a 1.5 win. Is he from Cheongpyeong?

A face-off occurred today between two 9d on Tygem: 청평최고수/cjdvudchlr 9d and 하오다3 9d.  Both players have fair game statistics as Tygem 9d, and in particular, I have seen 하오다 9d pretty active on Tygem in the past few weeks.  

Making an assumption from 청평최고수/cjdvudchlr 9d's name, we can see that the user might be from the city of 청평 in Korea, located about an hour east of Seoul.  According to some Internet resources that I've investigated,  청평 has a population of around 20,000.  I wonder how many of those approximately 20,000 people are 9d on Tygem!  I would guess that there are not that many. :-)  For anybody interested, the remaining part of the name, 최고수, might be translated as "the best play" or "the best move(s)".  The "cjdvudchlr" part of the name is simply "청평최ㄱ" typed on an English keyboard ( 청평최고수 with the last part cut off).

The opponent, 하오다3/haoda 9d, has been rather active on Tygem lately, from what I have observed.  I'm not sure about the reasoning behind his name, but perhaps it can be translated as "it's afternoon", since 하오 (下午) can be one way to say "afternoon".  In any event,  하오다3/haoda 9d has certainly been playing often lately, and his win record is nothing to be ashamed of.

Last 20 Games

청평최고수/cjdvudchlr 9d: 10 - 10

하오다3/haoda 9d: 13 - 7

Ranking Points

청평최고수/cjdvudchlr 9d: 35791

하오다3/haoda 9d: 36431

Game Stats

청평최고수/cjdvudchlr 9d: 32 - 27 [9d] | 853 - 872

하오다3/haoda 9d: 3 - 4 [9d] | 1809 - 1452

Betting Stats

청평최고수/cjdvudchlr 9d: 64%

하오다3/haoda 9d: 36%


2009-05-13 07:05
I know haoda3 in person. He is 6-dan amateur Park Heejhe:

Also, all haoda+number players are from the same amateur club in Seoul

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