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2011-12-21 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (4.9)  12 ratings

Correspondence from the front line. "idontca1" : one man's war.

          Yes, it's a war out there, two Koreans against the whole China (more likely one man's war, as it seems to be after all). Let's remember the facts, like a little piece of Tygem history.
          In August 2009, a mysterious player made the account "idontca1" (the Loner in the translation of the Korean handle). He felt lonely and he didn't care for something that we still don't know what was about. There was no (P) in the handle, so there was no information about his strength. Soon it turned out that "the Loner" was an absolutely brilliant player, as he started with a 55 - 0 score. The games were not with everybody, but only against top Chinese players.
         In the following months, he became the most attractive Tygem star. Challenging  "idontca1" and being accepted was an honor, a kind of unofficial confirmation of the status of top player. Even if "idontca1" lost sometimes, no one had a positive score against him. The rumors about his real name headed to Lee Sedol, who had a dispute at that time with the Korean Federation and that could explain why "he doesn't care" or "he feels lonely".
        In April 2011, another mysterious player made the account "BC2012" and started to win game after game, only against top Chinese players. In May, he reached the score of 50 - 0, a similar performance to that of "idontca1" from 2009.
        In July 2011, "idontca1" met "gjopok" in the best of three final of King of Kings tournament. The news exploded : "gjopok" was in fact the real Lee Sedol, the actual king of Korean baduk,  while "idontca1" was Park Junghwan, the crown prince.
       In September 2011, "BC2012" lost to "ddcg" and later to "allKO(P)" . It seemed that he was very upset ( I thought that he wanted to make a new record ) and he will not play anymore. However, on December 7, he came back to took revenge against "ddcg".
       On December 15, "idontca1" won against "Strive(P)", but lost to "ddcg" and "lxlx".
       The  same day, DanielTom came with extraordinary news : "ddcg" ( who won against "idontca1" only some hours before and brought  the first defeat to "BC2012") and "Strive(P)" are both incredible young Chinese players. It must have been very frustrating news for the Korean side, that fueled more fury. The war was declared.
       On December 16, "idontca1" won against "ddcg", "lxlx" and "tryortry".
       On December 17, "idontca1" won against "allKO(P)" and "sxkr".
       On December 18, "idontca1" lost unexpectedly severe to "wjx(P)".
       "idontca1" went out. "BC2012" came in and punished "wjx(P)".
       "BC2012" took revenge against "allKO(P)" with a 2-0 score and raised his come back to 5 - 0.
       On December 20, "BC2012" lost the second time to "ddcg" and then to "lxlx". Yes, your guess was right : "BC2012" went out and the very next minute "idontca1" came in just to punish "lxlx" with 2 - 0. Almost knockout, "lxlx" woke up from punches and won the third game. What's next?
       As I once quoted the proverb : "Nothing is ever done beautifully which is done in rivalship. Or nobly, which is done in pride."

                                  "idontca1" 9D (Park Junghwan, 9P, Korea) : 280 - 127 (37206 p)

                                  "lxlx" 9D (China) : 1272 - 899 (37303 p)                                  


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