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2011-12-12 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  7 ratings

The 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup (Last 8) : "hope(P)" vs. "HanSHoon"

             There are two painful ways to lose a game of Go: by half a point or not to have any real chance to enter that damned game. "HanSHoon" found himself in the second unpleasant situation.
             The opening was extremely tense and maybe the Korean player overwrought the position and took too much risks. He wanted to play attractive or, simply, this is his style. The time reflected accurately what was happening on the board. When Han entered the overtime, "hope(P)" had still 10 minutes on his clock. At move 71, Han was already in the third overtime. He struggled to find a way to come into play, but all in vain.
             What, from the white point of view, was a failure, from the other side was shown as an impressive performance. "hope(P)" played easily and quickly. All his moves flowed so naturally. Now I wonder who might be the player who exposed so much naturalness, self confidence and strength. He defeated "Dcember(P)", in the previous round, in the same manner. Clearly, he must be somebody from the Chinese top. His score (being an accredited pro, all games are against 9D) just reinforces this guess.

                                 "hope(P)" 9D (China) : 172 - 61 (38049 p)

                                 "HanSHoon" (Han Sanghoon, 5P, Korea)
                                 as an account under real name, his games are not rated


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