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2011-12-07 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  8 ratings

The 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup (Last 16) : "idontca1" vs. "zfwd"

              Who can solve the following encoded message : "ydontca0" = "idontca1" = "idoca2" ?
              It means that  maybe "y(ou) don't ca(re) at all" if "idontca(re)1" is back in the tournament, but "I do ca(re) much". Most likely everybody cares, as he is a shining star. If this encoded message was quickly solved, the enigma of why is he back in business is likely to remain unsolved.
             His opponent today was "zfwd", a Chinese pro (he has a P in the Chinese handle). To say that somebody is also a professional may be already unnecessary, because it is more than obvious that all those who have reached this stage are professionals. "zfwd" was somehow lucky to go through an easier passage, so this game was the first difficult examination of his real strength. Unfortunately for him, "idontca1" turned out to be with some classes better.
              Still the game had some interesting moments. Look at the opening after move 13, a curious chain of symmetrical shapes in 3 corners. Was it good for "idontca1" or was another joke? Further unfolding of the game reminded me of the proverb that says not to put all eggs in the same basket. That was exactly what "zfwd" did, when he put all his hopes in only one territory top right. He broke the rules and paid the price. Maybe against someone else he would have escaped unpunished.
             In the other game of the day, "Light(P)" (China) shattered the hopes of "quesques" of reaching at least the quarters.
             Don't forget, tomorrow is a great game between "boss(P)" and "jiangwj" and another one between "kingater" and "wjx(P)". Then the table of last 8 will be completed.

                                     "idontca1" 9D (Park Junghwan, 9P, Korea) : 268 - 119  (37202 p)

                                     "zfwd" 9D (China) : 19 - 14 (35069 p)


2011-12-09 02:12
You cannot be unbearable. Your comments are always welcome.
I have already written 2 articles about "BC2012". The first was here:
and then another one, when he lost his first game after 50 consecutive wins :
2011-12-09 12:12
I know, I'm probably getting more unbearable by making some kind of "unsupported" guesses on Tygem ID matchings of professional players, but I want to share an interesting observation again. On the day of this round, before two or three hours to game, another mysterious master "BC2012" appeared and played two exciting games with "allKO(P)" and "ddcg", and during the game with "ddcg" one of the observers asked an interesting question (with a sense of humor, I believe) (roughly):"Who do you think will be the winner of BC Card Cup in 2012?" and the majority of the answers, including the questioning one, were... yes, Park Junghwan. This extraordinary talent or genius is getting more and more popular in the Go world, and they call him "the next Se-Dol". I personally think that he can even surpass him. Anyway, regarding the question, I took it as if he asked who actually "BC2012" is, and I kept my eye on him until he left just before (yes, just, barely 1 min.) "idontca1" is in. Yes, surely, this does not prove anything or maybe not important at all, but anyway, I like to watch and learn from those very high-caliber players and as a habit I try to make connection between them.
As a final note, I should add that, after the Tong Yang elimination round with "zfwd", momentum gained "idontca1" played another masterpiece against his eternal rival "allKO(P)" and gave him an unforgettable finishing blow which requires to read at least 45 moves ahead in just 20 seconds, hard to believe but he is such a master in the middle game!

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