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2011-12-05 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  6 ratings

The 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup (Last 16) : "allKO(P)" vs. "CrazyAga"

          Finally we have access to the full list of players and we know in what stage they are now (last 16). The two new names to complete the picture are "boss(P)" and..."idontca1".
         It does not surprise me to see "boss(P)" promoted again directly in a superior stage. For some reasons, he is the favorite of the organizers of Tygem competitions. Perhaps you remember that he was the only player favored to enter directly in the last 8 in the King of Kings. In my mind, these "some reasons" could be that he won another preliminary elite group (that we don't know yet) or he is a very famous player in Korea.
         What does surprise me a bit is the presence of "idontca1", because he lost in the preliminaries to "hua". That unexpected defeat was the subject of different comments in a previous article. Maybe the organizers reserve the right to offer a wild card (or 2), in order to keep the level very high, which I find it ok. I like "idontca1" so much.
        "allKO(P)" was the hero of the day, with another wonderful game. No KO this time, but a fascinating killing. I bet that nobody predicted such an end in what seemed to be a pure territorial contest. As if out of nowhere, a large white group was surrounded and woke up without eyes. I am still stunned.
        For our curiosity, in the Chinese circles they say that "CrazyAga" is in fact Cao Xunxuan, in translation Cho Hunhyun, the living legend of Korean modern Go! That could explain the long absences of "CrazyAga", as Cho Hunhyun himself confessed  in an interview that he no longer plays so often. The game of the day and the news of the day.

                               "allKO(P)" 9D (Chen Yaoye, 9P, China) : 571 - 245 (37984 p)

                               "CrazyAga" 9D (Cho Hunhyun ?, 9P, Korea) : 242 - 157 (36346 p)


       "allKO(P)" (China)  -  "CrazyAga" (Korea) by resignation
       "ddcg" (China)  -  "Orient(P)" (Korea) by resignation  ("Orient(P)" is best known as "god2")


       "Dcember(P)" (Korea)  -  "hope(P)" (China)
       "HanSHoon" (Korea)  -  "ty619" (China)


       "idontca1" (Korea)  -  "zfwd" (China)
       "quesques" (Korea)  -  "Light(P)" (China)


       "boss(P)" (Korea)  -  "jiangjw" (China)
       "kingater" (Korea)  -  "wjx(P)" (China)


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