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2011-07-04 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  6 ratings

King of Kings (last 8) : "charisma24" vs. "silent(P)"

            This is the kind of game that can be said that "charisma24" won because he played very well and "silent(P)" lost because he had a miserable day. From black's point of view, it looks like a perfect performance, as he played vigorously and controlled the situation all the time, but the truth is that he could not win in such a categorical manner without a substantial help from white's part.
           "charisma24" took the first step to victory, when he captured the white group on the left, with 65 at B10 and 67 at C10. The second step was a KO in the center, 99 at J9, followed by the next step, a KO on the edge, 117 at S15 and 119 at T14. All these steps paved the way for the final blow, 133 at Q12 (!), which shortly thereafter created only a temporary seki, before leading white to total disaster.
            Now we have already 3 Korean players qualified for the semifinals. Only one Chinese player is left in the competition and he will fight tomorrow for a place in the last 4. Incidentally, he is "zhoury" (Zhou Ruiyang), China's number one. He has a difficult game against "gjopok".
           I remember when the great Nie Weiping, the leader of another generation, met similar circumstances in China - Japan Super Go tournament. At that time (oh my, we are talking about another century !) Japan was still the greatest power in GO. He was left alone , but he managed to defeat all the Japanese army. Will be Zhou able to repeat the performance of Nie, this time against Korea, a super power of this 21st century ?

                                  "charisma24" 9D ( Cho Hanseung, 9P) Korea : 673 - 276 (38238 p)

                                 "silent(P)" 9D, China : 15 - 3 (36008 p)
                                 10 - 0 before this meeting


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