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Servers | Tygem | Seo Bongsoo(9P) vs. Park Young Jin(7D) in the pro-ama seniors tournament



2011-04-27 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (4.9)  9 ratings

Seo Bongsoo(9P) vs. Park Young Jin(7D) in the pro-ama seniors tournament

      As "breakfast" already mentioned, the pro-ama tournament, broadcasted live on Tygem, ended with a big surprise. A 7D amateur, Park Young Jin, took the first place (and another 7D amateur, Cho Minso, the second), ahead of the professionals favorites like Seo Bongsoo 9P, Seo Nungwook 9P (joonki on Tygem) or Jimmy Cha 4P.
       Is this result really a big surprise ? Park Young Jin is a very strong amateur with some history behind him. Some years ago, when IGS was the best GO server, many top professionals (unlike today) were playing there. Go Sensations once posted an article : Korean amateur destroyed Michael Redmond (9P) in even game (7.06.2009). "cow" was the handle of the amateur player and his real name was ... Park Young Jin. So we have a kind of a 9P serial killer here.
       Following his success in the pro-ama tournament, Park gave an interview in which he talked about Tygem, his love for GO and his respect for the professional players he met. He said he played more than 20000 games on Tygem, most of them against Chinese opponents. The most emotional moment came when he was face to face with Seo Bongsoo, a great player and teacher. And this is our game (you can see them both, face to face, after move 7, in black player picture).
       Seo Bongsoo was one of the main rivals of Cho Hunhyun, the power house of Korean GO some years ago. He won the 2nd Ing Cup in 1993 and held the Korean Meijin 7 times. He won also the Wangwi and Kuksu titles. A very nice GO career. It is interesting in how many versions I saw his name : Seo Bongsu, Seo Pongsu, So Pongsu, Suh Bongsu, So Bungsu, So Bungsoo, probably all correct.
       Same name, different nuances, something unusual for European names. The same for Park Young Jin, as you can find him also under Park Jin Young, Park Youngjin or Park Yonchin. I found 2 of his Tygem names : ParkYJ and ParkYJ1, both rather for tournaments and free teaching games, than  for daily rated games.
        As a 7D vs. a 9P, Park held black and received another 5,5 points. The game was a continuous fight in which Seo made some wonderful unexpected moves, but at some point he took too much risk and paid the price.


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