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2010-05-06 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  4 ratings

Cyberoro archive: Professionals vs amateurs

Not all professionals are playing online games seriously – carefully

watching the grow of their rating.

For some of them it’s a good way of getting fun.

Lot of fans watching, beer, impressive attacks …


Jeong Daesang, 9-dan pro is famous for such games.

He never afraid of losing to amateurs! But he gets big

pleasure by crushing them. CRUSHING! Not just winning by few points in yose.


I posted one example here. He had big lead. It was possible to win this game

easily, but he wanted to kill more groups( check W 110, for example) and finally … got killed himself


Enjoy the show!

By the way, Jeong, 9-dan is probably the strongest master in the world on big handicap.

He can give weaker players even bigger handicap than top pros can. And usually even on such a big handicap he kills half of the board!


2010-05-11 11:05
I also like his style.
Will post more games
2010-05-11 11:05
They had 2 servers in the past: CyberKiwon and Orobaduk.

They connected them (around 2003) and got CyberOro
Nik (from
6k ( CA ) 2010-05-11 09:05
Wow, that was interesting to see from a pro. I'd like to see more of Jeong Daesang's games; is "cyberkiwon" some version of CyberOro?

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