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Servers | Wbaduk | Elegant way to break mane-Go

2010-04-27 Expert: YesWeKant Rate: (5)  3 ratings

Elegant way to break mane-Go

Both players are strong professionals. Junior(white) is one of the strongerst players on server. He has near 34500 points. 8D starts from 33000, but strong playes have much more; i think all players with 34000 are pros.  I. Shikshin has about 33500 and japanese pro "time" has 34100.

ahj3081138 is stong too(about 34200 now). He is very active on server. You can see him commenting pro games and chating in main chat.

In this game W tried to use mane-Go(mirror strategy). B successfully used ladder to break mane-go strategy. Look how elegante he started ladders.



1d ( VN ) 2010-04-29 02:04
Just mess around in the center like in Hikaru no go.
4d ( BG ) 2010-04-28 05:04
Is this result after the ladders actually good for white though? seemed quite playable for b to me
2010-04-28 04:04
Yes, creating 2 ladders is the best weapon against mane-Go!

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