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Servers | Wbaduk | Even pros have trouble to stay 8d

2009-04-13 Expert: Euphorie Rate: (0)

Even pros have trouble to stay 8d

Hello everyone,
For those who don't know how Cyberoro works, 8d is the highest rank you can achieve. It corresponds to 33000 rating points, a very few achieve 34000 RP (which should translate to 9d).

Tangchina is a 5p pro player and even though he is professional he "only" have 33090 RP, corresponding to 97 wins and 115 losses. His opponent tiansangfh also from China has 33140 RP with 137 wins and 47 losses.

The following game is not very representative of the play style of Cyberoro. Usually they engage big scale fights, especially kyu and low dan players, stronger players are less reckless but I feel like the audience was a bit bored. Anyway as you can see Cyberoro is a good place to play plenty strong players, they also have an English client, the only downside is that betting is disabled with the English client.


4k kgs ( FR ) 2009-07-02 09:07
I like playing on cyber oro ,most players don't play joseki et don't follow basic fuseki principle so i often take the lead in the fuseki but they have good fighting spirit (invade anywhere at anytime xD)
so it's hard for me to stay a 12k there...

4D 2009-04-20 08:04
It's a question of being familiar. I find oro board and interface ok even though I prefer KGS.
And actually by playing on ORO or an asian server you will improve your fighting strength not joseki or other theoretical stuff. I'm in China and I must say asian people (korean and chinese atleast) at kyu levels do not have the same attitude as westerners. Westerners are more concerned about generalizing, theories and joseki, those kind of stuff, and are not able to handle unusual play because they rely too much on book play. When you're weak in Asia you do tsumegos/tesuji, and you almost always don't follow joseki because you don't know them and every people of your strength play some variant of atari-go ( well i'm a bit excessive but their play is very aggressive). On KGS some people believe in a certain way of playing go (meaning following joseki, fuseki principles, be nice and not invade), they may even escape if they find your play rude. You will not find that on Orobaduk
2k 2009-04-14 01:04
Compared to KGS, ORO has poor interface, I can't get used to their boards, and most players there prefer to play fast games.
On the other hand players there mostly asians thus if you want to train josekis it's the best place as on KGS high kyus never follow joseki (low dans as well).

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