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2009-01-17 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (1)  1 ratings

Korean Servers. History

Korean servers prove hard to us in the west due to use of Korean language, however some of the most heavily used servers are in Korea. Cyberoro (formed from Oro and CyberKiwon) is probably the top server, along with Dashn (Dash and Dot). Baduk World, Tygem and the Traditional Baduk Association also have servers, the last about life style as well as Go. Some corporate sites have games servers associated with them. Baduk TV (Onbadook), Neostone (netmarble) and NetBaduk ( still have Go (Baduk) servers. Those that have gone seem to be WegoBaduk, Baduk King/Soodamcom, Play361, Gamenet, CyberBaduk, and MyBaduk (Koryo Baduk) from North Korea.



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