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Servers | Wbaduk | "vic1000", 8p vs top Korean amateurs on Cyberoro

2009-02-14 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4)  3 ratings

"vic1000", 8p vs top Korean amateurs on Cyberoro

It's hard to see Chun-sabbonim, playing top amateurs on KGS, but he is quite active on Cyberoro.
Here is an example.
"seulpeunsi" is Park Songyun, 7-dan - one of the top Korean amateurs, who won more than 10 amateurs tournaments. He was also World Pair Go champion (together with Kim Sesil) few years ago. No chances for Park in this game!


4d ( JM ) 2009-03-10 08:03
What does mean that "KWN"?
And both of them are 7d on CyberOro!?

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