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2010-08-16 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (3.8)  4 ratings

Big success of KGS inseis in Europe!

You may saw some games from the European Championship broadcasted on KGS.
Ilya Shikshin, Insei League teacher become the European Champion.

He also won lot of side events such as 13-13 or blitz, Leksand open few days
after the EGC. Also, Ilya won all of his games in European Team Championship in Leksand
(on the first board of the Russian team).
We can clearly see that Ilya is improving! 
It's a bit strange to improve, when you are teaching yourself, but he is only 20 years old and in
this age it's possible to improve quickly.

His (and my) students in KGS League showed successful results on EGC too:
Artem92 was second and got almost +100 (one grade) for his EGF rating.
OohAah showed nice results - he even beat one Korean 7d. Kalmah got his 3d->4d promotion and is
very close now to top Finnish players.
Everything was fine, except my own results.
I was in bad shape this time.

I decided to show you the game between 2 KGS Inseis (A group):
Fredda and Artem92. It was played in the first round of the European
Championship (was not broadcasted on KGS) and was quite exciting.

I have some other recorded games, which were not broadcasted (played on boards 3-10).
Would you like to see them on GoSensations?

By the way, we plan to continue KGS League in September (with the new
system for A group inseis)
Feel free to register here and learn Go from the new European champion!


E16 ( US ) 2010-08-22 02:08
Better luck next at next year's, breakfast.
1k ( GB ) 2010-08-19 04:08
I'd love to see some more of the games!
2 kyu ( RU ) 2010-08-19 11:08
This is a very exciting game! Thank you for posting it.
For sure it will be interesting to see some more games from EGC, especially if they are like this one.
2010-08-18 10:08
Cannot call it wrong, but can call it "very dangerous"
2d ( LT ) 2010-08-18 10:08
For me, white style was wrong in this game. Just opponent had weaker technique and white was lucky to live with all his 3 groups inside black's moyo. Strategicaly white played wrong, but this is my opinion only, maybe because I am to weak to understand this game :)

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