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Servers | KGS | northface2: new pro player on KGS.

2010-06-28 Expert: GabrielB Rate: (3)  4 ratings

northface2: new pro player on KGS.

Today northface2 registered an account and play Flashback. Whites play is very strong, and it has a definite pro feeling.

When white played N11 the game looks favourable for him, which shows that white dealt the fight after white P15 better.

After the game, northface reviewed the game a bit and pointed out white D10 being overplay: after that ko fight ends, black gets a decent compensation with H7.

It seems that the key mistake black played was black C10: it is gote and makes B9 a great kikashi. Should have been at B10, for a much better local result. After that situation was resolved in the game, whites superiority was definite.

Lets hope northface continues to play on kgs, and also comment games! i cant wait for a chance to play and avenge flashback ;) 


2010-06-28 08:06
According to Diana Koszegi she is Ko Juyeon, young female pro.

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