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Servers | KGS | Insei League: 2d from France won his games against breakfast and roln111 without any handicap!

2010-01-07 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  5 ratings

Insei League: 2d from France won his games against breakfast and roln111 without any handicap!

We have few big sensations so far! Ha,2d from France, who had the lowest rank in group A, won his both games against breakfast and roln111!
They were simultaneous games, but still it's hard to believe it!

Here is his game with roln111. You can find the game ha-breakfast here:


( AT ) 2010-01-19 09:01
I appreciate your answer very much Alexander, still I would love to see more of the matches as before. Otherwise I wish you the best for your league.
2010-01-18 05:01
The main problem: I have less and less time to find sensations on Go servers. And our experts are not active, because I don't pay them. I cannot force them to post more news.
If someone wants to help - pls e-mail me! I will be happy to add more news and sensations, and all Insei League adds will just go down :)
1k 2010-01-16 09:01
This is a free page to use. And I personally find this korean style league interesting. What's wrong with you people accusing breakfast for fine work. If he 'advertises' a little on his own page to make a living, why is it so horrible? Pay some respect, damn it.
( AT ) 2010-01-16 04:01
Yes, it is a pity that this page serves more as advertisement for a (questionable) venture to teach go to others at 95 USD p m per student for "breakfast" and his friends.
I enjoyed the shown matches here very much, too bad this seems to be over now.
2010-01-16 02:01
pretty shameless advertising.

the page seems to move away from people contributing and only breakfast posting these kinds of posts
2010-01-11 12:01
Aleks has 5-0 score with Guo Juan. And she is 5-dan pro! Check European Go Detabase for other statictic!
2010-01-11 12:01
Addikt, I played in Korean pro tournaments, and my score was not bad. I had near 40% of wins. I am not much weaker than other professionals, who are not in best 100 in Korea.
1k ( CA ) 2010-01-10 06:01
Real marketing move is calling yourself Korean 3p even though you are honorary pro.
1d ( RO ) 2010-01-08 11:01
Marketing move?

Alot of marketing movements lately.
7d ( US ) 2010-01-08 04:01
I don't think W played particularly well in this game.

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