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2011-08-01 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  5 ratings

Winning by a half-point (EGC round 6)

Youngsam Kim is still in the lead, having defeated Dusan Mitic 6d today by a half-point as White (Black made some minor mistakes in yose, so we can say that Mr. Kim was a bit lucky in the end!).

    This put a stop to Dusan's impressive series of wins (he beat players such as Artem Kachanovskyi and Thomas Debarre in the previous rounds) in the Main Tournament.

    Catalin Taranu managed to pull off an impressive win today against Sang-Youn Jeon 7d (who was the winner of the EGC-2011 Weekend Tournament: Catalin (White) also won by a half-point! You can see their game here; as usual, Catalin played for thickness and he tried to play actively by using his walls to attack (which is always thrilling to watch!). Despite the fact that after W160 (a tesuji to divide the Black stones) Black managed to live inside White's area of influence, in the end the game turned out to be very close. This was the first victory by a European against Korea!

    The other games relayed by EuroGoTV on KGS were also exciting. The most stimulating one was the game between Ilya Shikshin and Cristian Pop (it had many exciting battles and capturing races!), which Ilya eventually won.

    The current tournament results can be found at:



4dan ( PL ) 2011-08-02 02:08
Great win! Good job.

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