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2011-06-12 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  1 ratings

'kghin' 8d is trying out new ideas (tricks!)

'kghin' is showing good results again, having beaten this week strong players such as 'deeep' 8d (twice), 'SunnyLucky' 9d (now 8d), 'AncientGo' 8d and 'zchen' 8d. 'kghin' also played 'eku' 9d again, but he was not able to win [those games were not so interesting, 'eku' beat him by 39,5 points as Black and by 23,5 when he took White ('kghin' almost never resigns, even when he is far behind!)...].

Here is his most recent game, played against 'Hutoshi4' 8d (Japanese KGS-star). The two players know each other quite well (their current score is |'kghin' 67-70 'Hutoshi4'|). Although the result was a bit disappointing, the game itself was quite interesting.

White's opening, particularly move 6, is not very common. The sequence of B11 to W20 is a joseki, but I guess B21 made White angry (was he expecting Black S10 instead?). Anyway, White's answer - W22 and W24 - was probably an overplay. (White destroyed the possibility of playing at R17 after the W22-B23 exchange, to live in the corner.) It is true that in the game White got a big corner, but Black got 37 (O12) in sente (good feeling), and when he took the big point of B39, it looks like Black's opening was a success.

Maybe White also felt this, so a few moves later he tried to trick Black with W66 (which is a rather famous trick play, invented by 'breakfast'!). Black fell into the trap - he missed W76! It is a very nice and effective (second-line) tesuji, so Black should have avoided it by playing B75 at F18 himself (then White would be in trouble).

White's next plan was to capture the cutting stones (E14) with W94, but again it proved to be an overplay... Black punished him very well! (I guess that kghin's propensity for overplays cannot be helped, but that also makes his games more fun.) There was nothing really special about the rest of the game (in the end Black won by 19,5 points), but I think it was well worth watching (it reached 500 observers) because of the beautiful F18 tesuji :-)

Note: you may want to check to see that trick play being used by another top player ('Halley', 9d on IGS); the variation was exactly the same.


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