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2011-06-05 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  1 ratings

'kghin' can't seem to win!

'kghin' is still on a losing streak. 'Hutoshi4' 8d played two games with him today and won them both.

You can see their latest game here. It was very entertaining: Black's opening was bold and fresh, so a fight was sure to follow. With B33-41 Black's moyo in the right side became huge, so White had to invade (W42 was a nice point). The game was only decided in yose.

White's fighting spirit was good, but W192 (G3) was not necessary. If White had played the yose correctly, it seems that he would have won the game by a few points. It was a very long game (350+ moves) because of the kos, and in the end I actually thought that 'kghin' was ahead, but the ko threat of B297 was nice, and White was forced to defend twice in gote, so Black finished the ko fight ahead.

It is actually a good opportunity for us to see how strong players think during the endgame. 'Hutoshi4' reviewed the last part of the game, to see who would win if White had played correctly (that is, at D1 instead of G3, move 192). I added the variations in the game file, please check them. 'Hutoshi4' played out the sequences until the end, and his conclusion was that White should be ahead by 4 points... He said:

Hutoshi4 [8d]: If an extra thing was not done, I was losing

Regardless of the outcome, it was still a beautiful game. Enjoy!


6k ( DE ) 2011-06-27 03:06
I am a kghin fan and I am glad to tell everybody that he did very well over the last two weeks, beating zchen and chenns and some 9d.
He won 5 and lost 3 games against Hutoshi4 in these last two weeks.

Go, kghin, go!

Rainer / GoRoGoRo on KGS

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