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2011-05-19 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (4.5)  4 ratings

'ToTxToT' - new KGS 8-dan!

'ToTxToT' registered on KGS a couple of months ago, and he quickly reached 6-dan by giving handicap to kyu and low-dan players (winning those games by time). In his first game against a truly strong opponent ('MoyoMan' 8d), he received two handicap stones and lost, so he stopped playing for a while.

He started playing again this month, and this time he showed better results: he won against 'thehimazin' 6d in an even game, and later he even beat a 4d after giving him four handicap stones, which made him [8d?].

Today he played two games against 'xxxstar' 7d (strong amateur from Taiwan). 'ToTxToT' won the first game, and lost the second one (you can see their last game here). The fuseki was similar in both games: Black played the 'second best sanrensei', according to Go Seigen.

White's weak group at the left was the main focus of the game. Black got too much territory at the top left by attacking, so even if at move 200 White connects at M15 to make sure his group lives, he would still be behind by nearly 20 points. In the end of the game, a big semeai appeared, but it was just White's desperation, nothing for Black to fear. 'ToTxToT' resigned after move 227, and he finally got a solid rank, 8d. The question is: can he keep it?


4d ( FR ) 2011-06-13 07:06
If ToTxToT connect his group at move 200, he still losing by 15.
Kill the other group his the only choice I guess.
7k 2011-05-27 08:05
It will be interesting to read about so far unbeatable WoonSai [9d?] if he would continue to play on KGS.

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