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2011-05-09 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  2 ratings

The most exciting game of the year?

 A few days ago I was discussing with some friends on KGS what were the most exciting games ever played in Go history. It was an interesting conversation, they showed me many fun 'famous' games that I had not even seen before, but it seems that there are a couple of games that everyone enjoys - for instance, there is that legendary game where Lee Sedol played a broken ladder on purpose and went on to win the game ( One more of these great games is the one where Chang Hao 9p played three 'nose tesujis' in a nine-move sequence in the Final of the 5th Ing Cup (which Chang Hao won). You can see that amazing game here

We can also find many exciting games played online, maybe because there the players are not so afraid to try out new ideas and unusual openings. Some pro players, like Gan Siyang, play very unusual and extraordinary openings not only on the Internet but also in real tournaments!

I think that amateur games can sometimes be even more exciting than pro games (although there are exceptions, usually you cannot see huge groups being captured in pro games). On gosensations you can find many of such games, but I will give you an example. Of course 'MilanMilan' is a pro, but 'kghin' is not and he still managed to win after such a difficult game. You can see the game here, I am sure you will like it. There was a complicated semeai in the end and White's huge group in the center was captured - it was really exciting!

If you know of other stimulating games that you want to share, please contact us so that we can post them. Thanks! 


25k ( US ) 2011-05-22 07:05
Kghin did good. :)
2011-05-12 03:05
Poor Milan :(

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