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2011-05-05 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (3.7)  3 ratings

'twoeye' opponents beware!

   'twoeye' is a well-known player on KGS (from China). His games are always fun to watch! 'roln111' (Ilya Shikshin) is also very famous - he is the current European Go Champion.

   It is interesting to notice that 'twoeye' is always trying the trick play of Black 21 (P8) against 'roln111' (he also uses it against other top players), and usually he gets good results with it.

   This trick play is analyzed in detail in Alexander Dinerchtein's recent book 'New Moves' (with the collaboration of An Younggil 8p). In the book An concludes that: 'That jump is an interesting move and I suggest you to try it in your games, if you like to fight'. I have to be careful not to infringe any copyrights so I will not say what is the best way for White to deal with that Black's move, but maybe we should advise Ilya to get the book and study it! (-:

   The same goes for any of twoeye's opponents - now you know what his favorite move is. Be prepared!


2011-05-05 10:05
Ilya got tricked!
This variation is always fun to watch: usually very complicated 30-50 moves long patterns are coming

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