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Servers | KGS | 'sususu', 6d on KGS, 1p in real life!


2012-03-17 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (3.7)  3 ratings

'sususu', 6d on KGS, 1p in real life!

Huiren Yang, Chinese 1-dan professional, has been playing on KGS since 2006 (as sususu and somerville).

It is rather strange that sususu is only 6d. His results this month are quite good (winning percentage: 75%), but he often loses on time against weaker players so it is hard for him to improve his rank. Maybe he does not take playing online seriously.

You can see his tesuji skills in the game above. He crushed another 6d in just 33 moves!

Can we consider it sandbagging? :)


1k ( US ) 2012-03-19 11:03
You forgot his account Hyang. I also agree with the not playing seriously comment also. This is easier for people to see if they have seen his play in tournament games.

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