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Kim Jung-hyeop 7d from Korea

I already posted an article about Yoon Young-sun 8p one of the teachers on wbaduk. This time I'd like to introduce another teacher Kim Jung-hyeop 7d from Korea. He's well known in Europe, he was placed 4th on the last European Go Congress in Finland.

He was the one who stopped Artem from winning the tournament (Artem lost from a winning position to Kim Jung-hyeop 7d by 0,5 points in the last round).

Kim also writes articles on wbaduk. In his column he wrote about Baduk in Thailand (Baduk boom in Thailand  and Thailand Baduk and some interviews). 

In one of his recent simultaneous games Kim played against feihu 7d. The opening was rather interesting. Please, check out White's sequence from move 8, how he easily settled his group and lived locally on the side. 

I was also surprised by White move 48. Having a stone on the side White split Black into 2 groups and Black sank into bitter battle. 

After long fight Black managed to get a ko. But the ko was too big and Black didn't have enough local threats so he had to make an exchange. But in my opinion result was clearly in White's favor. 

A few moves later Black concedes the game.

P.S. I haven't seen Kim Jung-hyeop playing on KGS rather than some of his games were broadcasted on KGS. Do you know if he plays on KGS?



2010-12-05 03:12
His account on KGS is kimjung022

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