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Shi Zhou 4p vs A. Dinnerchtein 3p from China Consul Cup 2012

We would like to introduce a game from China Consul Cup 2012 which was hold in St. Petersburg last week. Chinese team (Hangzhou/Wuhan) consisted of pro and strong amateur players.


Shi Zhou 4p was initially registered as 6d amateur but later on according to information from Chinese web sites, Shi Zou is a 4 pro dan. It seems that he is not active in pro tournaments but he is active as a Go teacher and there are pro players among his students. 


Eventually Shi Zhou 4p won the tournament with perfect score 6-0, defeating top Russian players: A. Dinnerchtein, D. Surin and O. Mezhov. Although he showed great skills it was possible to defeat him. Some of the games were broadcast on KGS, under usernames: CHNConsul1, CHNConsul2, ruschamp1.


In the game between Shi Zhou and A. Dinnerchtein, Alexander had a winning position in the end game but he overlooked that his group will get under attack. That's what he said after the game:


Alexander: "I was winning (before move 117) around 15 points with komi. I couldn't even imagine that there might be some problems with my group. During the whole game I considered it to be strong. If only I knew it could be cut, I would play some sente moves to strengthen it (and also reducing white's moyo). There were chances to save the group but I couldn't find them on byo yomi." 

 The final top three places were as follows:

1st Shi Zhou 4p

2nd A. Dinnerchtein 3p

3rd O. Mezhov 


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