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World Mind Games European - Taranu Catalin 7d vs Shikshin Ilja 7d

We would like to introduce you a game between Shikshin Ilja and Taranu Catalin from European qualifications for World Mind Games. The game was broadcast on KGS. As long as I understood top 4 players and 1 woman will get quealified to represent Europe on World Mind Games.

The first World Mind Sports Games (WMSG) were held in Beijing, China from October 3 to 18, 2008. Go was one of the 5 mind sports which featured at the inaugural World Mind Sports Games. Kang Dong Yoon 9p won the gold medal for Korean team in men's individual.

Catalin gets his revenge on Ilja after losing to him at European Go Congress. After this win Catalin is leading with 5 wins. Then there are 4 players with 4 wins. After losing to Pop Cristian today, Dinerstein Alexander has now only 3 wins which gives him little chance to qualify. 

For more information and records of other games you may find at


1d 2011-08-28 06:08
Hey, you may find info about the tournament here:
1d ( CL ) 2011-08-28 04:08
I wanna know why are they doing this tournament, and also where i can see the results of this tournament and more info about it.


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