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Servers | Dashn | Europe vs S.Korea match -2002

2009-01-20 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (0)

Europe vs S.Korea match -2002

The match was played online during the EGC-2002 in Zagreb on Dashn server. I was the referee and we used the computers from the office of Zoran Mutabzija, EGC director. 11 players represented each side - IIlya Shikshin, Andrey Kulkov, Csaba Mero, Dmitrij Bogatskij, Diana Koszegi and 6 others players were in European team. Korean team was made of top Korean amateurs, including Cho Minsoo, 7-dan and Park Seungyun, 7-dan.
European team lost the match with 1-10 score. Diana won her game on board 11 - her position was hopeless, but the opponent decided to kill some more groups :)
Each member of the European teram got $100, Koreans - $300.
Later these games were broadcasted on Baduk TV with the commentary of Yu Gaunjhe, 8-dan professional


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