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2009-02-03 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (0)

Who is the most famous Dashn star?

His name is suweonjeongweonjang, which means director Jeong from Suwon city.
In the beginning of 2000, Dashn director Sim invited the leaders of the top amateur clubs (kiwons)
in different Korean cities to play on Dashn. It was a good idea. They have playing styles, which are very attractive
and their games are usually more fun, comparing with pro vs pro games.
Director Jeong had a computer in his kiwon and used it for playing on Dashn.
He played more than 10000 games!
Pay attention to his playing style (White 12, for example) and you will know why Dashn users like him so much!
He is like TheCaptain on KGS, but few stones stronger than him!


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