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2011-10-25 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  9 ratings

The 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup

          The users of English Tygem have become accustomed to their "Cinderella" status. Information in English are almost inexistent and (so often) we have to guess the events taking place. The explanation that they gave  is that there are not enough employees at the English department.
          Many of you probably watched these days some great games between  strong players like "idontca1", "Marriag(P)", "allKO(P)", "kingater", "charisma24", "Strive(P)", "oneboat", "Dcember(P)", "hua", "lxlx", just supposing that they are involved in the qualification for the next internet tournament : The 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup, where the prize pool is 200,000,000 Won (around 130,000 Euro) and the first place takes home 30,000,000 Won (around 19,000 Euro).
         More information : here
         What intrigues me is the fact that the main tournament was scheduled for November and December (with  a qualification period until the end of October). I would have expected these names to appear only in the final stages (last 8 or something out there). On the other hand the games look like a pure contest between Korea and China and not like qualifications from different servers.
          Some results so far :

              "chaos(P)" (Won Seongjin, 9P, Korea)  -  "lxlx" (China) 1 - 0
              "kingater" (Lee Yeongkyu, 8P, Korea)  -  "oneboat" (Gu Li (?) 9P, China) 1 - 0
              "xxoopp"  (China)  - "Dcember(P)" (Korea) 1 - 0
              "hua" (Zhou Zhenyu, 3P, China)  -  "idontca1" (Park Junghwan, 9P, Korea) 1 - 0 !
              "Marriag(P)" (Park Yeonghun, 9P, Korea, YHPak in the last King of Kings)  -  "xxoopp" (China) 1 - 0
              "Strive(P)" (China)  -  "kingater" (Korea)  1-0
              "charisma24" (Cho Hanseung, 9P, Korea)  -  "hua" (China)  1- 0
              "allKO(P)" (Chen Yaoye, 9P, China)  -  "chaos(P)" (Korea)  1 - 0

          Anyway, until this mystery will be solved and we'll find out if these results count for the 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup or not, let's see what happened today  between "allKO(P)" and "chaos(P)". This is "a must see" game in my opinion, another brilliant achievement of the Chinese KO Master.
          To give some sense to his handle (even if it's obvious that he doesn't play chaotically at all), the Korean looked for some trouble, with 81 at D3, more likely to emphasize the territory to the right and above the sacrificed stone.
          On the right side, "allKO(P)" found an aesthetic tactical sequence,  from 106 at P10 to 122 at M8.
          But the most beautiful part of the game came after white played unexpectedly 166 at R17 !, the move that triggered a series of KO (all KO, could not be otherwise, isn't it?) and eventually led black to abandon.

                                "allKO(P)" 9D (Chen Yaoye, 9P) China : 508 - 213 (37870 p)
                                 God Hestia : 13,022,013,750 T-points

                               "chaos(P)" 9D (Won Seongjin, 9P) Korea : 570 - 337 (37956 p)
                                Winner of the 15th GS Galtex Cup in 2010


2011-10-30 02:10
Unfortunately, pm, I have a limited ability in written korean, mostly I have to depend on the translators. Anyway, I believe that parik really defined the situation well in his latest posts.
2011-10-29 03:10
You are right, but this is just human nature. Now we want more.
2011-10-29 04:10
The users of English Tygem don't seem to appreciate the comfort of actually having an English client. :D

I recall the "golden age", with the need to guess the role of the buttons on the Korean or Chinese clients... The random trial-by-error clicking at the end of dozens of games... And the breakthrough, when an English-speaking Korean guy finally explained the buttons. :)
2011-10-26 04:10
thanx parik for new article. just one thing - i'm not so sure that this is Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup. i dont read or speak korean, but in that page you point in article - is in english text written time of tournament 11.2011 - 12.2011. and this what is going right now on tygem is ko system (knock out not KO :)). today there is semifinal match ... maybe kishakyuu will know - thanks kishakyuu for your comments too :)
2011-10-26 03:10
Yes, that game was like a nightmare for "idontca1".
2011-10-26 12:10
I don't know if this is a fast game (as usual) or not, but whatever the circumstances are, "allKO(P)"-to my eye- always plays in a very elegant style as the top Honinbous did once upon a time; most of the time patient but ferocious when faced with overplays.

By the way, here is an explanation about this qualification:

In the end, I should add that the defeat of "idontca1" against "hua" was one of the worst of him I have ever witnessed.

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