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2011-07-06 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  7 ratings

King of Kings (last 4) : "idontca1" vs. "charisma24"

            If "idontca1" is not Lee Sedol, then this should be good news for Korea. It means that they have another brilliant player who can charm us the way he did in this extraordinary game.
            Every game played by "idontca1" has something special, a sort of challenge to the opponent. From my point of view , it could be translated like this : "You think I cannot play this or that move. Well, I will prove to you that I can !" This is one of the many reasons why his games are so exciting to watch.
            Let's see what happened today. "charisma24", Cho Hanseung, 9P, was elected in top 20 pro GO players of 2010. Normally, such a strong opponent would make anyone else to be very careful. The first challenge against Cho, more like a joke, was the standard Chinese opening in the mirror. Translated : "Maybe not the best strategy, but I don't care. I can play whatever I want."
           Then the sequence from moves 50-59. Black translation : "This must be bad for white." See what followed. What rich fantasy must have someone to find such a riposte, as white 60 at Q4 ! Later, things went not the way black planned and he showed his exasperation trying to make very sharp moves, like 81 at E9, 101 at D10, 115 at C13, 121 at C10, or 163 at C15. It didn't work.

                                        "idontca1" 9D, Korea : 179 - 69 (36852 p)

                                        "charisma24" 9D (Cho Hanseung, 9P) Korea : 613 - 277 (38231 p)


2011-07-07 02:07
Thank you for the tip,ngg. I appreciate it.
I will check if both play the same music.

19k 2011-07-06 11:07
Please bear with me, because I cannot hold my laughter. Hahaha ha. Those were my exact thoughts of idontcare and the game. I cannot count how many times he put the stone where I thought it would not be the wisest thing to do.

One thing you did not mention, idontca1 thought for at least 5 minutes before playing White 58 at L6.

One more thing, check out "PlayChopin".... yes... maestro playing again (hopefully not disappointed about the useless loss). Yesterday when he logged out, Mozart_W_A logged in, and this happened both ways twice, so this proof I think is definitive.

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