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2011-06-27 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  8 ratings

King of Kings (last 19) : "allKO(P)" vs. "sxkr"

         What unexpected twist of fate ! A few days ago, it was like 14 Chinese and only 2 Koreans were qualified for the last 16 and today the balance has changed : 5 Koreans against 3 Chinese in the quarterfinals. Spectacular, even though it seems a bit unfair to me. It could not imagine a better scenario for Korea. By coincidence or not, they didn't have to play each other and they all won.    
        Luck has played its role in this last day of this round, helping 2 players to win by half a point ! As predicted, "YHPak" had a tough game against "whitetee" and he is one of the lucky half a point winners. "whitetee" played a wonderful tournament, as "Iamcoming" did too, nevertheless they both have to leave the competition after losing by minimal margin. It is very painful to lose by a whisker, specially in such an important tournament, however let's try to think realistically : "YHPak" and "silent(P)" were better, because, in the end, the only thing that matters is to be on the right side, regardless of how many points. Do not forget that "Iamcoming" was 2 times on the right side in the past, when he won by half a point against "Holic(P)" and by 1,5 p against "upset1". Vagaries of the goddess Fortuna...
        By comparison, the way "charisma24" won against "tmch", by 3,5 p, may look big !
        The only game concluded before limit was "allKO(P)" - "sxkr" and this is the one I liked the most. "allKO(P)" is an exceptional player and no one can deny this. His games have always that magic "something" that makes them so attractive to watch. I cannot believe how easy he solves the problems in complicated positions that otherwise would give headaches to a regular player.
         Now we have to wait to find the date and the pairings for the quarterfinals and, of course,  the confirmation of the eighth player, the most rested of all. Is he a big boss ?

                                         "allKO(P)" 9D (Chen Yaoye, 9P) China : 322 - 126 (37344 p)

                                         "sxkr" 9D, China : 1074 - 595 (38365 p)

                      June 27 (results)

         "allKO(P)" (China) - "sxkr" (China) by resignation
         "silent(P)" (China) - "Iamcoming" (China) by 0,5 p
         "charisma24" (Korea) - "tmch" (China) by 3,5 p
         "YHPak" (Korea) - "whitetee" (China) by 0,5 p

    The players qualified for the quarterfinals :

         1. "idontca1" (Korea) - Lee Sedol (?) 9P
         2. "zhoury" (China) - Zhou Ruiyang, 5P
         3. "gjopok" (Korea) - Cho Hunhyun (?) 9P
         4. "allKO(P)" (China) - Chen Yaoye, 9P
         5. "silent(P)" (China)
         6. "charisma24" (Korea) - Cho Hanseung, 9P
         7. "YHPak" (Korea) - Park Yeonghun, 9P
         8. "boss(P)" (Korea) ??



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