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Servers | Tygem | Over 1400 observers! An unknown "horse-faced" 9d challenger appears! hua 9d vs. besttime 9d

2009-02-01 Expert: Rate: (5)  6 ratings

Over 1400 observers! An unknown "horse-faced" 9d challenger appears! hua 9d vs. besttime 9d

Tygem player hua 9d, or Zhou Zhenyu 3p, is a relatively well-known 9d player with many games under his belt.  He has a large fanbase and it is typical for him to garner over 500 observers easily.  셥서디(P)/besttime 9d is a new account that is already building a remarkable 9d record, causing many to wonder who this person may just be and already putting him into the same league as swing(P), showmethe, xxoopp, and other big Tygem 9d superstars.  I call him the "horse-faced" 9d challenger due to his very amusing avatar of a horse ^_^;;.

Regarding the game, Black begins with a Kobayashi opening and it seems both players would start a game with a standard textbook opening until we see 14.  The move of 17 is also worth investigating.  In middlegame Black has a big dragon to take care of as it doesn't quite have two eyes.  Does he handle it efficiently and live? See for yourself!

hua: 1
셥서디(P): 1

Betting Stats:
USER: Betting Ratio (# of people who predicted as winner)

R1: move 1 - 50
hua: 47% (417)
셥서디(P): 53% (448)

R2: move 51 - 80
hua: 49% (136)
셥서디(P): 51% (154)

Record Stats:
hua: 888-610 as 9d, 945-622 total
셥서디(P): 46-19 as 9d, 46-19 total

Peak Observers*: 1460+ (1010-Korea 1 + 450-China 1)

Date Played: 02/01/2009 (Fresh!)

*This will only take into account the two largest servers.  Other servers where this game may also get broadcast will not be included, so I will add a + to at least put it into consideration.  In this particular game, the game was played in the main Korea 1 server and was broadcasted in China 1. 


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