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2011-05-10 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  10 ratings

Is "Marriag(P)" (Park Yeonghun) training for another King of Kings title ?

      "Marriag(P)" is the winner of the last King of Kings tournament and one of the most famous Tygem players. They say he reached at one time the hypothetical level of 11 D. Surprisingly, for someone with such  a fantastic performance, we discovered,  after an interview given by telephone, that he is a very modest person who sees himself to be a player who has still a lot to learn.
        When asked about his real name, he preferred to keep it secret (but he gave some hints about his age and professional status). Yoo Changhyuk, 9P, who knew him very well, said that "Marriag(P)" is one of the best Korean professionals, but he is not allowed to disclose his identity.
        So it's no wonder that  the best Korean players have been  suspected of hiding under the account, such as Choi Cheolhan, Park Yeonghun, Lee Changho and even Lee Sedol. In the end, only Choi and Park remained as main candidates. Choi was the first rumor, so that, in a former article, I also wrote that "Marriag(P)" is supposed to be Choi. Then I started to doubt about it and to think that the most plausible variant is Park, because Choi is known to play as "showmethe". Recently, I read a Chinese article where they confirm that "Marriag(P)" is indeed Park Yeonghun.
        For some reason, "Marriag(P)" didn't play too often  lately. His last game was dated 25th of February, so I was very happy to seeing him back in action today. "SeeOne", his opponent, is a professional (he has a P in his Korean handle) who is passing through a very bad time. He lost 9 games in a row right now and fell under the 35000 rating points. However, I like him an I hope he will begin to climb again.
        The story of the game is a little bit strange. The paradox is that "SeeOne" has succeeded in almost all fights, all over the board, and still had to give up eventually. He captured a black group on the right, captured some stones on the top, invaded and lived in the bottom right corner, lived in the top left corner and invaded successfully the left side. What can we ask more from him ?
        So what did Park do ? How did he win ? He made 3 moves (76, 78, 80). And that was it !
        He said he has still a lot to learn. Meanwhile, we have much to learn from him.

                       "Marriag(P)" 9D (Park Yeonghun 9P), Korea : 358 - 154 (37291 p)

                       "SeeOne" 9D, Korea : 160 - 204 (34063 p)


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