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Servers | KGS | kill the dragon, is ounion 8D a pro?

2010-07-23 Expert: jose Rate: (2.4)  8 ratings

kill the dragon, is ounion 8D a pro?

Black is so confident on his dragon kill plan: 

1) B F9 rather than K6:  his plan is to kill big dragon, not small one.

2) B G17 -  W J17 exchange is so good for Black




2d 2010-07-23 06:07
I don't think a deep plan was needed here. After 135, W has two crippled groups near each other - a strategic nonsense and a recipe for disaster. He can only hope for a blunder in such cases.
3d ( TW ) 2010-07-23 03:07
Ouion built thickness even though
he lost low right corner.

This thickness is the base for his
dragon kill plan

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