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2011-12-31 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (4.8)  33 ratings

The 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup (Final, game 3) : "hope(P)" takes the title

            "hope(P)" is the new Tygem hero. The way he played in the third game was fantastic. He showed once again his tremendous power. It was another painful day for "idontca1", who lost the second consecutive final, after the Kings of Kings.
             Because "hope(P)" plays at such a high level, many people refuse to accept that he is in fact Tan Xiao, even if Tan is the current Chinese champion and number 3 in the Chinese ranking. There were some comments today that only Kong Jie or Gu Li can display such extraordinary strength. As usual, Gu Li is a prime suspect.
            We have the same debate about "idontca1", but here the things are more complicated. If you read the comments from the previous article, you learned that Tygem posted an incomplete picture of "idontca1", leaving us to solve and to complete the puzzle. Ok, it does not appear to be the picture of a very young Korean boy (as "pm" feared once) and "kishakyuu" does not think that he is Park Junghwan as well.
            In my opinion, if Tygem published that incomplete photo and they don't play a sadistic game with us, the next step will be to reveal the whole picture. But was "idontca1" always the same player, with so many ups and downs? At the beginning, it was a strong opinion that he must be Lee Sedol. After the King of Kings, due to a majority of commentaries from the Korean media, the general opinion headed to Park Junghwan. Shall we discover now the picture of a third player? Another possibility might be that they wanted to reveal the photo of "idontca1" only if he would have won this tournament. We shall see. So no more real pictures today.
            The crucial fight in the third and final game was on the right side. As a viewer ("theControll") pointed out, black would win if he could kill the white stones there. Well, he couldn't. He tried so hard though, that in the end it was like he committed suicide just in the name of that lost cause.
           This is my last article. I tried to choose the most beautiful games played on Tygem during the year. They speak better than any of my words. Thank you all who have spent a little time to read my posts.

                                         "hope(P)" 9D (China) : 175 - 162 (38067 p)

                                         "idontca1" 9D (Korea) : 312 - 142 (37289 p)


2011-12-31 08:12
In addition to the sadness resulting from the lost of my favorite player in the finals, the news of your "farewell" to writing articles made me much more upset. I do not agree with your comment that "They speak better than any of my words", actually your articles and those games have been just completed eachother. I'm sure that many of us learned a lot of interesting stories behind those games, and looked at the games with different perspectives by the help of your very intriguing articles. Now, I can just hope, willingly, that you begin writing again someday.

By the way, I think there is a little misunderstanding in my comment from the previous article. There I wrote "What do you think, is he Park Junghwan? I do think so". I think that he's certainly Park Junghwan (even in this trimmed nonsense picture, it can be seen that he took his chracteristic position which he generally takes in the formal matches), for me, there's not even a slight suspicion on this subject.

Also, to say some words about the finals, I should say that "hope(P)" certainly outplayed "idontca1" in all the three games, even if he lost one. Taking into account that Park is actually very good at fast games -as he once won the KBS Cup, which is played with short time limits-, his opponent, who put "idontca1" into terrible situations all the time while taking less thinking time, must be certainly one of the tops. Tan Xiao? Not probably. I also agree with the comments: Kong Ji and Gu Li are the two most probable correct answers.

In the end, I'd like to extend my thanks to you for all your efforts Parik. I wish you the best!
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